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Mission, Vision & Aim

Mission, Vision & Aim


To provide a holistic education that encourages all to excel, evolve as lifelong learners and contribute to the school, local and global communities.


To inspire our community to explore, engage and excel.

The School aims to attain highest academic standards and complete personality of the students by.

  • Inculcating a sense of integrity, ethics and uncompromising honesty.
  • Promoting logical and creative thinking.
  • Emphasizing on the all round development of the students.
  • Developing leadership qualities through debates, group discussions, public speaking, creative writing, conversation and elocution classes.
  • To help students advance technologically without compromising our rich values and our cultural heritage
  • To prepare students for advanced academic study
  • Achieve a strong sense of self-worth
  • Promote fulfilment of creative talents and interests